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Current Role

Senior Software Engineer at Plivo

Educational Qualification

Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from GM Institute of Technology, Davangere (2011).

Work Experience

Total: 5 years and 9 months of professional experience
Plivo – Sep 2016 to present
Jnaapti – Feb 2014 to July 2016
Infosys – July 2011 to Feb 2014

Skill Set


Python, Go, NodeJS, ReactJS, HTML5, CSS3, Twitter bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, ECMAScript 6 (ES2015), BASH scripting


Web2py, Django, Apache2, ExpressJS framework, git

Infrastructure And Platforms

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Digital Ocean, Docker

Data Stores

PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, redis


Plivo – September 2016 to present – Plivo is a cloud API platform and a global carrier services provider for voice calls and SMS. Our mission is to simplify global telecom and enable access to quality cloud communications at a low cost.

  • ZenTrunk – Enterprise grade SIP trunking service. Building modules for rating and routing service. This involves implementing least cost routing, quality based routing, rating CDRs, debit loops for ongoing calls. Different modules are implemented using Go and exposed as services. Mar ’17 to present
  • PlivoCloud – A web interface to manage plivo account and API integration endpoints. Building features for plivocloud like fraud prevention, stripe integration, SSO for support portal, django-redis-session integration. Dec ’16 to present
  • Callular – A web based call center application that uses Plivo APIs for voice calls and SMS. Sept ’16 – Dec ‘16

Jnaapti – February 2014 to July 2016 – Jnaapti is an online education startup based out of Bangalore. We built a self-paced learning tool called “Virtual coach” where a learner can customize and personalize courses on various technologies. My responsibility was to come up with architectural design, coding and testing various features of virtual coach.

  • Looked after majority of engineering aspect of virtual coach.
  • Responsible for designing and building core modules of virtual coach.
  • Mentored a team of 2 engineers. May ’16
  • Review automation engine – This feature automates testing of learner solutions and optimizes coaches availability. Jun ’16
  • Migration of client side code to ReactJS components. May – Jun ’16
  • Report dashboard – A centralized place where coach can monitor and analyze learners performance based on various parameters. Mar ’16
  • Assessment Engine – An engine that can generate adaptable question papers. Dec ’15
  • Docker based evaluation engine to evaluate learner’s solutions. Aug ’15
  • Moved the back-end infrastructure to docker containers. Nov ’14
  • Migration of database from MySQL to MongoDB. Oct ’14
  • Developed company’s new website using MEAN stack. Aug ’14
  • Revamping product’s UI using AngularJS and bootstrap. May’ 14
  • Admin tool to manage various back-end operations. Apr ’14
  • Quiz manager – A module that generates a unique combination of questions and choices for every learner. Apr ’14
  • Application to generate course details and exporting to pdf. Mar ’14
  • Developing code examples and content to teach various concepts through virtual coach. Aug ’14 – Jul ’16
  • Reviewing and coaching people with various levels of experience through virtual coach. Apr ’14 – Jul ’16

Infosys – December 2011 to February 2014– Worked as C# .NET developer.

  • Worked on image processing techniques to generate a report with high quality image, by merging and scaling different images. Apr ’13 – Jun ’13
  • Responsible for implementing several requirements from client during the development phase. Feb ’12 – Feb ’14

July 2010 to Jun 2011 – Successfully completed an internship project named “Payaniga – A Journey Planner”. Our project was a web application, which provided all the details of different places in Karnataka.

  • Used different open source technologies to build our web app such as Python for programming, Django Web framework and MongoDB as our database
  • Application provided the shortest distance, detailed descriptions and valuable information about various places of interest to the user

Leadership / Management Experience

  • Successfully guided few internship projects.
    • TAME – A next generation web framework that allows you to build web applications with minimal coding efforts. Jan ’16 – Jun ’16
    • Whiteboard – The project aimed to enable online trainers to quickly
      describe interactive visualizations using a concise DSL. Feb ’15 – Jun ’15
    • Zim-Web – A web based personal wiki/knowledge management tool. The idea was to get Zim wiki (a desktop application) onto web. Feb ’15 – Jun ’15
    • Unit Testing Framework – Built a framework that will automate the unit testing of solutions submitted by learners on virtual coach. Jul ’15 – Aug ’15
  • Worked as General Secretary and Forum Representative of “Falcon” – a Computer Science forum at GMIT. Jul ’09 – Apr ’10
    • We conducted around 37 forum activities and organized a state level annual tech fest “Discover-10” that included coding competition, soft skill training, mock interviews, cultural programs and many more
  • Worked as placement coordinator, involved in various placement activities during final year of engineering. Jul ’10 – Apr ’11
  • Worked as the Organizing committee leader for “Discover – 11” where responsibilities included banner preparations, advertising, inviting colleges, managing all the off-stage activities. Apr ’11

Rewards / Activities

  • Reviewing “Troubleshooting Docker” – a book on Docker. (In progress)
  • Rewarded with MFG Star Award by Infosys. Q1 – FY ’14
  • Delivered a talk on “Dealing with web scale data” at GMIT, Davangere. Sep ’14
  • Completed “Mobile Web Application Development” and “Building a Search Engine” courses from Apr ’14
  • Rewarded with 1st prize and 2nd prize in the CODE-MANIA competitions in Discover ’09 and Discover ’10 respectively.

Fast Trackers Workshop 3 – January 2015 – We at jnaapti conducted a residential camp for the students of Reva Institute on technologies like Polymer, Web Components, jQuery, NodeJS etc. This workshop ended with a full day hackathon, where students built projects like a real-time collaborative whiteboard, an audio visualizer using HTML5, a note-taking software using Local Storage, Hangman game using SVG, a microprocessor simulator etc.

Free Software Movement of Karnataka – July 2014 – We conducted sessions on Javascript for 200 students from various Engineering Colleges in Karnataka as part of FSMK’s Annual Summer Camp. Students were then guided through jnaapti’s Virtual Coach for continuing their Javascript and jQuery learning.

Hackathons & Meetups – May 2014 to present – Helped in Conducting the following hackathons and meetups for professionals and students:

  • Javascript Deep Dive Hackathon
  • Python Deep Dive Hackathon
  • Python Bootstrap
  • The quirks of Javascript
  • Thinking Scale with NoSQL stores
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Map Reduce in Practice
  • Map Reduce and Aggregation Framework in MongoDB
  • Bootstrap
  • Building a Cloud like Development Environment using KVM


  • Ability to quickly learn and apply new technologies
  • Leadership Skills.
  • Good communication skills.


Listening to music & audio books, reading books, watching documentaries


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